31 December 2013

Fall In Love With YA Challenge!

When I found YA fiction I fell in love. I honestly missed that part of my childhood. When I was 10 I went from children's fiction to adult fiction and the classics. I'm devastated I never got hold of the YA genre! However, when I did, it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, I fell out of touch with the genre, and at the rate some books are published, I felt left behind. In 2013 I didn't read as much as usual do to sudden health issues, so my YA love suffered all the more. Now that the new year is on it's way, I made a promise to get back to reading, and to get back to reading a genre I miss having on my TBR pile.

This challenge might not be very specific, compared to some challenges I've seen, but it's simple and effective. I really hope you join in with me.


The challenge will run from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. I will put a post up at the end of every month for you to add your reviews. While you do not have to review publicly, you will in order to enter the giveaways... but more on that later, ;)

~ Books that count must be YA fiction. Check out Goodreads for more information, or just go to your local book shop and find the appropriate section. They must be full length, for older teens (so no children's fiction, please!), and 

~ Yes, the following counts: re-reads, ebooks, arcs, stand alones, and series. Just needs to be YA.

How to Join

~ If you want to join the challenge please make a post on your blog or at least link this button so that others can follow back to this page and join the challenge. (Check it out on your right!)

~ Post below as a comment to announce you are joining and leave a link to your challenge acceptance post!

~ While you do not need a blog, please link your reviews to the monthly posts so that you can be included in the giveaways and general count.

~ Join whenever! I will conclude sign-ups only next December, so that the final giveaway prize can be for those who joined the challenge honestly.

~ Following my blog will make it easier to stay in touch.


~ Yes, there will be giveaways! Some will be announced, others will be surprises for those who posted their reviews. The only way to win is to participate!


Level One - Just Met - 0-5
Level Two - Best Friends - 6-10
Level Three - Love At First Sight - 11-15
Level Four - True Love - 16-20
Level Five - Soul Mates -  20+

I really hope you join in! This is all about falling back in love with YA fiction, or being reminded of why the genre means so much to us. There will be posts, guest reviews, giveaways, and more! I hope to see you soon!

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