23 June 2011

Booking Through Thursday - Soundtrack

It's me again! A while ago I did a few BTT and it was pretty fun. Let's see if I can't get back into the swing of things again!

What, if any, kind of music do you listen to when you’re reading? (Given a choice, of course!)

There are times I listen to music and times I don't, but I almost never listen to music with words or vocals. It's too distracting and I find myself attached to those words rather than the ones on the page.

However, when I finally do get around to listening to music, I try to 'pair' it up with what I'm reading. (Weird, I know.) Jazz belongs in a novel set in the 20's, but I'd never listen to while sifting through Shakespeare. I can pretty must slide in classical music to pair with any novel I want to, but other times it's too slow and not as upbeat as the plot. Right now I'm reading Sense and Sensibility and I'm listening to the soundtrack to 'Pride and Prejudice' which seems to fit along with what the words on the page are telling me.

Needless to say there are times when the music bugs me and I read in complete silence. Sometimes the music relaxes me, though, and I can read more than usual. It's really a case by case situation.

Your thoughts? Are you a music reader, or do you read silent and solo?


  1. I prefer soft music while reading.

    Here is my BTT: Soundtrack post!

  2. I like how you pair background music with the book you're reading. It's something I could easily picture you doing!

    Here's mine:

    Double Feature - Booking Through Thursday and Theme Thursday


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