28 June 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Websites, Organizations, Apps. Etc.

Please check out my Show off your Shelf post and participate!

I haven't been blogging for very  long, and before blogging I was a very traditional reader. Although I still am, I've learned to delve into some technology here and there to sweeten the experience. But there still is a lacking in my ussage of bookish goodies.

1. Goodreads - Goodreads came before the blogging a few years ago. I really loved keeping track of my books for me, and soon I found it was loads of fun to review the books I had read in a little more depth than usual. I go to it for all my bookish needs, such as seeing the rating of a book I want to get my hands on or just searching for a title I've heard. I also have the Goodreads app on my iPhone, and I always bring it up in the bookstore.

Ones I want to use more...

2. The Book Depository - Discovered this literally last night, but great prices and free shipping for books? Fantastic! Saves me a trip to the bookstore, save me costs on shipping, save me money and from having to pre-order books and wait for them to get in. I'm looking forward to trying this out!

3. Shelf Awareness - I just signed up for this but already I've e-mailed a few publishers for ARCs. I love reading it over and they usually have a few good 'articles' for my to spend a few minutes with. New books coming out, review, etc... Very interesting!

Ones I want to look into...

4. Paperback Swap - I'm debating if this is a good idea, since I'm already poor and getting involved in something where I'm constantly paying for postage to earn points to get a book. I don't know how much I have to give before I can start to receive!
Alright, so a very short list, but that's where YOU come in. I need some suggestions, folks, to spruce up my reading experience. Comment, link me up to someplace nice, etc... Really, I'm all ears.

I know I'm pushing this, but please check out my Show off your Shelf post and participate by showing me your shelf. Have a little fun, it won't kill you!

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  1. Goodreads came before blogging for me too. I put a lot of UK sites on my top ten this week, so they'll probably be less known but not so useful to people!


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