12 July 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I'd DIE To Meet

I love authors, they are some sexy people. Why wouldn't you want to meet them, shake their hands, ask them questions, tell them all about the impact their books had on you? Of course you would want to do that! Next best thing, I suppose, is to rattle on about the ones you'd want to meet! Dead or otherwise...

1. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child - As a pair, both authors of the Pendergast Series, they’re amazing guys. I’d love to meet them not only because of their writing, but after following their adventures as an avid fan for over a year, they’re just fun as hell.

2. Jane Austen - Love her. LOVE her, and everything she writes. I would love to just sit down with her and tell her what her books have become, the movies, the fans, the following, the fan-fiction, and watch the look on her face. Something tells me she was one of those authors who could never have imagined what her writing would one day become.

3. J. R. R. Tolkien - I pretty much grew up with him as my favorite author after reading The Lord of the Rings in middle school. His writing was the first truly beautifully written English style I had ever gotten my hands on at such a young age, and he helped me fall in love with British literature.

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - I love what he brought with Holmes. I've read his work, and he's the true detective master. He has a great style and is English, which makes me squee as a closet-Brit, and he brought us Holmes... HOLMES people!

5. J. K. Rowling - I know a lot of people would love to meet her, but I would want to meet her for different reasons. I imagine myself sitting down with her and just asking her to talk. I have this feeling that her talking about her writing and her work would be amazing, because I feel as though she’d have so much emotion and depth in her voice.

6. Anna Godbersen - Not only does she write YA fiction I actually read and enjoy, but her historical detail is gorgeous. I just want to meet her to ask her how she does it! (And to yell at her for all the plot twists that have gotten me!)

7. Elizabeth Peters - I confess, I have only read one of her novels. I'm sorry, Miss Peters. I will read more, I promise. But her novels are wonderful, I love her style, it's very Victorian. I would die to meet her, just to tlak writing with her, she's so knowledgeable...

8. William Shakespeare - Good ol' Billy Shake, the man who, upon not having a word to rhyme with another, made a word up. Gave us our original classics, fathered much of our language, and, my personal favorite, continues to drive high school teenagers without good taste in literature absolutely batty. (I shall never forgive you for Romeo and Juliet, however...)

9. F. Scott Fitzgerald - Read The Great Gatsby fell in love with his writing. He wasn't a very prolific writer. He was actually poor and no that well known. Could you imagine running up to him and telling him what his novels have become? He'd have a stroke!

10. H. G. Wells - I grew up watching the film versions of his works as a kid, then read his works as I got older. I love his writing, and his titles are house-hold names. My favorite science-fiction author, and that's saying a great deal.

Okay, I confess I might not die to meet them all. They're just my top favorites, or at least those authors who I would have different motives for meeting. So no, I don't have ten authors I'd die to meet, but that only gives me the hope that I'll find authors worthy of loss of life in the future!

How'd I do?


  1. War of the Worlds is one of my favourite books. Would definitely love to meet the author. Especially because of that story of how the radio broadcast of the book managed to terrify so many people.

  2. What a wonderful list. I want to meet Jane Austen too. I can't imagine how she would react to all the fandom she has now. I totally left Doyle, Fitzgerald, Tolkien, and Wells off my list for some unimaginable reason.

  3. Great list! I'd love to meet all of them.

    I know it's crazy but I always imagine Doyle looking like Holmes, you know with the hat and the pipe and the sidekick and I think I'd be disappointed if I travelled back in time and he didn't look like that!

  4. Eclectic list. I like it! I also listed F. Scott Fitzgerald on my post. I never thought to mention J.K. Rowling, but if you do ever get the chance to meet her, ask her how she feels about getting so many kids to read. That's all I want to know! Also, tell her I said thanks for getting them to read too!

    Here’s My Top Ten Tuesday This Week

  5. HG Wells is another one of those authors that I'm looking forward to revisiting. It's been way too long!

  6. Oh! It would be exciting to meet Elizabeth Peters! I love Amelia Peabody! Thanks for your list!

  7. I would love to meet J.K. Rowling and Jane Austen as well; they are some of my favourite authors though in completely different ways.
    I think it would be fun to meet Shakespeare.
    I would also love to meet Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Eça de Queirós.

  8. Oh. My. God... I didn't include SHAKESPEARE! I feel like queen of the muppets.

    My Top Ten and a SHAMEFUL memory


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