24 July 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up for July 23, 2011

Well this week is coming to a close, another week, another seven days of personal life and blog work to come! Am I excited? Very. This week hasn't been the easiest,  but there have been worse. I've survived cooking every meal for days on end, a crazy grilling day, and yet another period of insomnia that has given me a better twitch than some squirrels have, but at least I'm still able to type.

Here's what I read this week...
  • Darcy's Passions by Regina Jeffers
  • Julie and Julia  By Julie Powel
  • The Hardest Thing To Do by Penelope Wilcock

I was lucky enough to have gotten my hands on an arc as well. Who doesn't love arcs? Gorgeous things, and free as well. I really hope I can get my filthy paws on some more. I really do try to be a good reviewer! Once I've received the book in the mail I try to get to it ASAP! Sometimes the very first day, as in the case above. I e-mailed the editor this morning with three links to my review. Overkill perhaps? Maybe just giddy excitement at having gotten the bloody thing in the first place.

The Lost World by Michael Chricton is sitting next to me, just sort of chilling out. The dinosaur on the cover has his adorable mouth open and I can't help thinking he's trying to tell me to stop blogging and to crack open the book. Rawr! means I love you in dinosaur, I thought...?

Oh, about Borders closing... can I hold out? The sale is pretty small. It's 10% off for most of their inventory. That's nothing, that's about what I'd pay on sites like Amazon or at stores such as Barnes and Noble. I want to wait until they really, really crack down, then dive into what's left and hope there are at least a few classics I can get my hands on. Wishful thinking?

This week is going to be long. I have to put an uncle in the hospital for a surgery, cook all the meals once again, somehow drive to where?! to get a check so I can actually pay for school this year. If you think that's nothing, well I'm lucky I can actually prepare for that much. Usually things of random fly at my face or something comes up to which I hear, "Oh, we didn't tell you about that? Shoot..."

I have this INSANE idea mulling around in this adorable little head of mine for a new blog and a lot of new challenges. I won't be replacing this one, but creating another one. What is is? Psh, like you want to know...

Well, the dino is going rawr! again, so I best attend to him before he eats my mother's dog. Happy reading, happy writing, happy good-luck-this-week-at-everything-that-comes-your-way!

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