23 August 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I loved but never wrote a review for...

So, after joining Goodreads and before I fell in love with reviewing books, I used to just gush over my favorites to close friends, give the book a star-rating, and move along. Today I go through my virtual shelves and go, 'What? I never wrote a review for this book?!'

So here are some books that might get reviewed on day, but they were really great, so regardless of not having a review, you should look into them!

1. Here, There be Dragons - A high fantasy, young-adult gem that I just fell in love with. The twist at the end is KILLER. I have wanted to read the sequels for years, I don't know why I'm dragging my feet...

2. The Lord of the Rings - My years in middle-school revolved around these books. I'm a huge fan of the stories and everything and anything about them. I have not reviewed them. I don't know why, I think it's insane they have no reviews...

3. A Study in Scarlet - The very first Sherlock Holmes. I love Holmes, who doesn't? Witty, and usually high off of something, he's my favorite detective, and not to mention a classic.

4. The Darkangel - I NEED to find these books again. Years ago I borrowed them from a friend, then she stole them back to lend to a 'better' friend and never let me finish the trilogy. I was so pissed, is this why there is no review...?

5. The Lord of the Flies - Ah, this book has so many great memories. In high school, I remember dreading what books we were going to be assigned to read. I was so annoyed of the fluff, of the memoirs, of the books that portrayed the struggles of humanity... Psh, stick a bunch of kids on an island and then have them go nuts and kill each other. THIS is what kids should be reading...

6. Rumors - (or the second Luxe novel) I have an excuse for not reviewing this, though. Me dear, dear friend decided that to finally break it to me that the book wasn't going to go the way I was hoping it it would go. So I just... stopped reading it, right in the middle of the book, and now it's hiding under my bed where I don't have to look at it.

7. Harry Potter- Some of the middle books I never reviewed, just read, and moved on to another book. I don't know how I could review these if I ever did in the future. There's not much to remark on aside from the plot, which doesn't seem like the best review.

Honorable mentions go out to a lot of books on my profile with only half-hearted reviews. I'd love to review them all over again, or at least write something a little more 'meaty.'

Have you ever rad a book you loved, but failed to review it? If so, why? Would you ever go back to review it if you get the chance?

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  1. I was never assigned Lord of the Flies in school, which seems like an oversight, since I don't really know anyone else who hasn't read it.

    Come check out my list this week at The Scarlet Letter.


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