08 August 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Underrated Books

Underrated books make me mad, and I'll tell you why. It's because they're amazing novels, wonderfully written masterpieces, that aren't recognized as the one of a kind must-reads that they are. Have you ever read a book that never came close to the hype? I have. And those wonderful underrated novels somehow fall to the way-side...

Well I'm here to change this! Well... I'm here to create a top ten, maybe... In no particular order.

1. The Sunflower - I read this book in high school and thought it was very interesting, and then started to g around and ask people what they thought about the book. Then they told me they've never read it. Sadness?

2. The Eyre Affair - I have fallen in love with this book, but it seems that, unless you've read it or are a fan, then somehow nobody else knows about it.

3. Robert's Ridge - A seriously powerful book, I wish more people would get their hands on this one. Addresses a lot of issues and emotions, so why isn't it more renowned?

4. The Hot Zone - This book freaked me out, it's based on true events, and it's a subject that's still looming over a lot of countries today.

5. Dinosaurs in the Attic - I am a huge museum geek, and this book is so very interesting and witty. It's everything any science, archeology, biology, history geek could ever want to get their hands on... yet it has less than 200 ratings on Goodreads. Seriously?

6. Ice Limit - Today we are under waves of thrillers, suspense, etc... in the form of fictional novels. And somehow, some way, more people do not flip over this book. How...?

7. The Professor and the Madman - I love words, I love the dictionary. C'mon, I'm an avid reader and English Major for goodness sake. This is a wonderful book, and to me, an obvious must-read.

Okay, so I didn't come out with ten. I think my problem lies in really defining what I think 'underrated' books are. Are they just not read as much? Are they read but not liked? Are they obscure titles or somewhat well known? Are the well-known titles but just not as famous as I'd like them to be?

So my top ten is lame this week, but I really didn't know what to include... Your thoughts?


  1. I've seen The Eyre Affair pop up a few times today. Going to have to check that one out.

    Check out my Top 10!

  2. The Hot Zone was good, wasn't it? Great list :)

  3. Yes, The Professor and the Madman is amazing, especially considering the subject matter. It does deserve more attention. I also remember thinking everyone should read the Eyre Affair after I finished it. Good call.

    My Head is Full of Books

  4. the eyre affair--love how the title just rolls off the tongue. just read the synopsis. interesting alternative history premise.

    my top ten: http://booksandmakeup.blogspot.com/2011/08/top-ten-tuesday-underrated-books.html

  5. Wonderful list, Becca! I'm going to have to check some of these out :)

  6. I actually had a copy of Professor and the Madman but I never got around to reading it and finally gave it away!

    Here's my Top Ten post for this week: Top Ten Underappreciated Books
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  7. I couldn't come up more than a couple book for this week's TTT, so I didn't participate. If I did, The Eyre Affair (and the entire Thursday Next series as a whole) would definitely be on my list. The Hot Zone and The Professor and the Madman are also great picks!

    Grace at Feeding My Book Addiction


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