31 July 2012

Top Ten Characters I'd Trade Places with for 24hrs

So what characters would I want to trade places with for 24hrs? Well isn't that a massive list.  Books are loads of fun and the idea of reading them is to "escape" some. So I'm sure all of us have just wanted to be there at some point to live in the books...

1. Ginny Weasley  - Okay, who doesn't want to be in J.K.' s world? I don't care who it is, I just want to live there. Ginny specifically because I loved her character and who wouldn't want that awesome family, hm? [Harry Potter]

2. Clary Fray - I fell in love with Cassandra Clare's series, and her main character had so much to do with it. I would love to be in her shoes, near-death-experiences and all, because of the vivid world and characters that surround Clary. [City of Bones]

3. Jane Eyre - I love how powerful Jane's character is in this book. Plus, the mystery and the ability to break boundaries? (Not to mention some free time to read when the little French girl isn't around?) Sold. Plus there's Mr. Rochester, xD [Jane Eyre]

4. Mac Lane - She is such a brilliant character when she's not being a superficial barbie. I love how she gets sucked into this amazing world, has this power she seems to be willing to embrace, and she gets to run around with the cute guy. [Darkfever]

And, for extra points, here are two characters I would not want to switch places with.

5. Bella Swan - Okay, so she gets some hot guy. That doesn't even begin to make it worth it. She's the most annoying person, if I had to be her for thirty seconds I'd probably swallow rat poison. There is just so much wrong with her. [Twilight]

6. Katniss Everdeen - Um, love her character, and love the books, but I would never make it in the games. I would die some miserable death or fall out of a tree or something... [The Hunger Games]

So a little short, this week, but otherwise I'd have to go hunting and these are my quick answers from the heart!

What about you guys?!


  1. So.....I'm loving how you wouldn't want to switch with Bella. Made me laugh! I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. I would not want to be Katniss or Bella either. Maybe Katniss during her makeover before the games, but I would still have to be really unpleasantly nervous, so probably not.

  3. LOL I'd probably last two minutes in the Hunger Games! And YES I would definitely switch places with Ginny and Clary!
    Here’s my TTT

  4. Ginny was my number one too!

    here's my TTT

  5. ooh, good list! I completely forgot to add any Jane Austen to my list! Do you have any favorite retellings of jane eyre? I'm reading Ironskin by Tina Connolly right now and it's pretty good so far, but I'm still a bit leery because I want to like it, but am afraid it won't match up to the original. We'll see though!

    Here's a link to mine!

    1. Oh, I feel so guilty! I haven't read any retellings of Jane Eyre. Do you have any favorites I can check out?

      I read a lot of Austen retellings, since they're just... everywhere. I know what you mean about wanting to like it. I love the characters from the original that I go in wanting the book to be another awesome show of them. It can be so frustrating when you're let down...

  6. I love Katniss Everdeen, too, but I would be killed first if I had to be in the Hunger Games, I just know it!

  7. Love that you considered those you wouldn't want to be, I had a few in my notes too (and Katniss made that list! It'd be awesome to be that kickass, but I'd die for sure). Ginny is a great pick from HP, I feel like she sees so much more of that world than we know...she's like that quiet, powerful background, you know? I have HP on my list too, though a different character.

    My Top Ten

  8. You're very brave to switch with Mac. That's a scary world she loves in...but it does involve Barrons. Sigh... Fabulous list!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  9. OMG! I forgot all about Jane! Who doesn't want to meet Mr. Rochester! I do, I do! :)

  10. I wouldn't want to switch places with Katniss either! I definitely wouldn't be a great mockingjay. I probably wouldn't even make it to that point. Thanks for the list. :)

  11. Bella Swan is the worse character in books, ever.


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