04 January 2013

Is your blog hosting a challenge?

January is not only the time for resolutions of life, but also of reading! Many blogs, and readers, feature reading challenges to help break up the year with new authors, genres, or series. Let's be honest, though, they're everywhere, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of which ones are floating around. I, for one, started my morning with perusing the bloggish corner of the internet for a couple of challenges for me to flex my reading muscle at. What did I find? Lots of confusion, and not really any direction...

So with the challenges I found I was wondering which ones I had missed. Sometimes, jumping from one blog to the next, you jump over another dozen. So to my faithful readers...

If you, a friend, or a blog you follow is hosting a challenge, please let me know! (And everyone else, for that matter...) Comment below with a quick hello, description about the challenge, and a link to the original  challenge page. I, and others, will visit and check out your challenge and might even join!

Honorable, sexy mentions (those I have joined, or those I would have joined if I were a smidgen more the brave) will appear on an upcoming post. And any I joined will appear on my challenges page.

Thank you all in advance, and happy reading! <3 p="p">


  1. Thank you for your blog. I follow along via an RSS feed. In answer to your question: Yes my blog is hosting The Australian Colonial History Reading Challenge 2013. The challenge is to read one book of non-fiction and one book of fiction related to Australian Colonial History (during 2013) covering the period between Captain Cook’s arrival in Australia in 1770 to Australian Federation 1901 It's the first challenge I've hosted and the URL is: http://artuccino.com/index.php/the-australian-colonial-history-reading-challenge-2013/

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