07 January 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Resolutions for 2013!

(Lots of books on your shelves, not many of them read? Need to read though that pile of books before buying new ones? Don't feel guilty, feel glad I have a challenge for that! Click here to go to my "Hello, I'm still here..." challenge to check it out and sign up. Thank you, now onto my scheduled broadcast...)

Top ten reading resolutions for the new year? I think you've been sneaking a look at my diary, you clever bunch, o.0 Well I love resolutions. I have them every year, for lots of things, and I actually keep them. I've never failed, so reading shouldn't be anything different, right? Here are top ten resolutions and bookish promises I've made for myself for 2013.

1. Read much more than I did last year. Last year was a horrible year for me and I didn't get much done. Not a lot of reading went on and I really fell behind. I promise to fix this!

2. Step out of my comfort zone. I tend to stay safe with the same genre, authors, and so on for some reason. I don't want to keep doing this because I want to find new favorites. Time to step out of the box, I think!

3. Stop judging books! I know, this is HORRIBLE of me to do, but sometimes a hype of a new book actually makes me cringe more than it does interest me. I try to avoid books that have too many fans because I'm afraid they're being driven by the fandom and not good writing. I have been proven wrong so many times...

4. Get a variety into my system. No more over-dosing on thrillers or young adult. Keep everything lively and fresh!

5. Be a better reader, read more, in more places, and don't waste time. I bring a book with me everywhere I go, but I don't always take advantage of the car ride (when I'm not driving...) or the boring moments where readage is very much so needed. Fixing now!

6. Learn stuff... stuff is a little broad, but my favorite books have always been the ones that taught me something about another culture, group of people, another history. I vow to learn something from everything I read.

7. Interact with more bookish people. Reading is only part of the fun, the other part is just being a complete reading nerd, and that's a blast when you're doing it with other people.

8. Don't be afraid to read anything, anything at all. This happens to me sometimes. I'm just a little weary of subject matters, or terrified that a book will make me cry. No more, I say!

9. Finish series' that I don't want to because I can't stand it when they end. I can always go back and re-read them, that's the beauty of it.

10. Be a happy reader. I love to laugh, smile, and fall in love with books and characters. I vow to do this in 2013, otherwise what sort of reader would I be?

So what about YOU? Let me know in your comments, :)


  1. I am so guilty of #3, but have no desire to stop. Plus, it's not be judgmental, it's being a "critical, discerning read." Sounds so much better that way.

  2. Im planning to step out of my comfort zone also. So many great books out there. Great list. Feel free to View My TTT

  3. I really want to interact more with bookish people. Two of my goals are related to that! good luck with you list
    my TTT

  4. Ohh, #3 and #8 sound so much like me! I'm always SO WARY of books that have a huge fan base, like I'm just EXPECTING to be disappointed. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Even if I AM a a bit disappointed it's not likely to be a really rubbish read if so many people I trust love it, right? And most of the time I just end up kicking myself for waiting so long.

    I've been thinking about the 'fear of reading thing' too. When did that start? I mean, when I was a kid I'd just pick up a book and go. If it made me cry, if it was difficult, if there were scary bits or bits I didn't understand, it didn't matter - I just went with the flow. I think these days I know too much about my books before I read them. I know that X book made everyone sob, and Y author is considered a hard read - I need to just dive in headfirst and make up my own mind, I think! Good luck... :D

  5. #7 and #5, I agree wholeheartedly! I need to do it. Hope you get all of these done :)

    My TTT: http://blueskyshelf.blogspot.com/2013/01/top-ten-tuesday-bookish-goals-for-2013.html

  6. I like your first goal, read more books! Last year was a *horrible* book year for me too. I haven't read a lot of books, 50 or so..maybe 51, but def. not more. This year I challenged (thanx to goodreads) myself to 50 again, but I'm hoping that I will/can read more. Fingers crossed.

    My FF

  7. I love your number 8. You're right. I'm often afraid to delve into other genres or authors or anything at all. I tend to be very picky, but then I end up loving something that I had to force myself to read.

    We are readers and we are bloggers! We should get a taste of everything and not be afraid to dislike something.

    Good lucky with all of your goals!

    Manda C.

  8. Great goals! Reading out of my box made its way onto my Top Ten this week too. Hopefully 2013 will be a great year for reading :)

  9. I too need to increase the variety in my reading. I've been reading nothing by YA lately and it's time to branch out more. I also want to interact more with bookish people! I think once I start going to more book events that goal will begin to be fulfilled!

  10. I love your "Be a happy reader" goal. Being a book blogger sometimes we loose focus on why we really do this, it's cos it's our passion and hobby and not because of deadlines.

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