18 August 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Fluff

You’ve just had a long, hard, exhausting day, and all you want to do is curl up with something light, fun, easy, fluffy, distracting, and entertaining.
What book do you pick up?

Fluff for me is always young adult. I really can't explain it, but I read it the fastest and it's usually not as deep was what I usually read. So... yeah, YA. That's my fluff.

I usually read classics or adult level thriller or mysteries. When I most want to crawl up with something and really relax, I think Young Adult helps me do this. Now that I'm reading a little more YA, I've found that I'm a lot less stressed about reviewing and the books are just quicker to read. Not easier,  but I'm sure we can all fairly judge the difference between YA and Shakespeare.

What about you?


  1. I love YA, Shakespeare, not so much!
    Here's Mine

  2. I've more ready YA this year than I have in my whole life. I'm really enjoying it too (maybe because it IS fluff and easy to read)!

    Here’s My BTT Post - TRISH

  3. Yeah, YA books are my favorite for a quick fun read.

    here's my post:


  4. My fluff usually comes in the form of a well-read favorite, one that I can easily curl up with and just dip right in. It's not necessarily "fluffy" or light, but it's comfortable and easy to predict, so I don't have to think very hard. Phantom of the Opera (Gaston Leroux) or Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck) fall into this catagory; the familiarity gives me something to relax to, even though the topics and themes aren't very light.

    When I'm having trouble finding a book I can really get into, I gravitate toward Thriller. Nothing grabs my attention quite like a Thomas Harris "Hannibal" novel!

    Honestly, though, my favorite "fluff" really has to be comic books! I LOVE comic books and graphic novels :):):)

  5. @ Emmy - That's exactly what I mean, :) YA isn't really fluff, but it's just that genre that I like to curl up with. Jane Austen does it for me too, or even George Orwell, and they're not YA. It's just teh story that draws me in on a lazy day.


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