16 August 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: How to have fun in Fictionland.

So this week on Top Ten Tuesday, I'm allowed to make my OWN top FIVE. I've decided to do a list of the top five things I would do in literature if I could just pop in whenever I'd like. This is purely for enjoyment, a few laughs (I'll be the only one laughing), and because I can.

  1. Teach Georgiana Darcy to rebel. No, Mr. Wickham does not count. I'm talking getting the girl drunk, dying her hair purple, and getting her into skinny jeans. Take THAT Fitzwilliam.
  2. Tel Robert Langdon he sucks. Dan Brown, you write pretty good novels. Robbie? You don't do shit in them. You may be smart, but a lot of people die because you FAIL.
  3. FRODO! Taking the ring to Mordor is NOT a good idea. (And to every one's favorite Gondor family... therapy, people. Really. Therapy.)
  4. Harry, you obviously can't over-come evil. You had to have a whole shit-load of friends help you through seven books. You're almost there, kiddo, but not quite.
  5. Tell Romeo and Juliet that are not the poster-children for romance. They kill themselves, people. THAT is not romantic, that's a tragedy.
I know, a short list this week, but these were things I had to get off my chest in my own, geeky way... I loves it when I get to speak my mind!

How would YOU invade literature?


  1. Langdon does do some things -- like get history totally wrong. ;)

    (Oh, and Othello -- she's not cheating on you. Ignore Iago.)

  2. Personally, I'd also tell Dan Brown he kinda sucks too... Funny Top Ten this week, Becca!

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday Freebie!

  3. What a great top ten topic!

    I would pop into the 5th Harry Potter book and just land a good punch into Umbridge's face. I hated her more than Voldy.

  4. Lol love the idea of the list!
    Funny! :D
    I am pretty loyal towards Harry though! :P
    Check out my TOP 10


  5. I, too, would love to tell some certain folk in Gondor to get over themselves and get their act together. It shouldn't need to take a war to straighten them out!
    Good idea for a list!

    My Top Ten http://justbookingaround.blogspot.com/2011/08/top-ten-tuesday-freebie-week-top-ten.html

  6. Oh I wanna to copy your Top Ten, lol. Great post. I am amused. Esp about Georgiana. Well said!

    You can check out my Top Ten post HERE
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  7. So funny!

  8. Hmm my comment was eaten...

    Anyway, great list! Anything that I would put on there I wouldnt want to subject anyone to but my own mind... outside of just follow all of my favorite characters around.

    Julia @ broke and bookish


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