16 April 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Tips for new Book Bloggers

Although I’ve been blogging for nearly a year I still think I’m a new blogger. It’s not easy at all. Coming up on my one year blogging birthday I’m still not as far along as I’d like to be, but I didn’t get here without these “tips,”

1. Make friends – I have a lot of people floating around in the blogging universe who I look forward to hearing from. Whether they comment on my blog post or on my Goodreads, and they’re really useful when it comes to giving suggestions for books or further posts. And they’re just fun, anyway!

2. Book Social Networking – I fell in love with Goodreads like… three seconds after I’d joined. I love it, it’s pretty much endless. If you want to waste several hours and/or days on one sight, and still be left hungry for more, it’s Goodreads. It’s a great way to keep track of what books you’ve read, meet other readers, and find other title for you to get your hands on.

3. Read A Lot – Nobody goes to a book blog unless they’re looking for something about books. I don’t read as much as I should, which is why I should probably find a fellow reviewer. When I do read them the review goes straight to the blog for all to see!

4. Do Bookish Related… Stuff – Everybody has been to a book blog and has found posts that aren’t about a book that person has read. I am super guilty of this, but when I visit author’s homes or see a movie which was based off of a book, that’s fair game in my eyes.

5. Participate! – In book giveaways, lists, read-alongs, etc… the more you dive into blogging and reading, the better it will be.

6. Write a Lot – Even if it’s nothing to do with the blog. I’m a writer by heart, but I’ve found some blogs that are just lacking that way of words we all look for when reading something. It has to be tasteful for some people to want to read them. Some of my favorite reviewers are people who can write a witty review.

7. Network – Find fellow bloggers, follow blogs, spread the word. Nobody will know you are there to even look into you if you don’t show your face.

8. Sexy Yet Simple Blog – The one thing I hate about some blogs is the way they look. Nobody has to be a computer programmer to have a blog, but some people don’t seem to have the passion to put the work into their blog, or they overload it with so much rubbish that I can’t even see what they’ve written. I don’t want to have my vision assaulted by a blog when I decide to click on by for a visit.

9. Give Back – A lot of blogs do so well because they give back to their readers through things like giveaways. It’s a way to bleed through the internet into their reading experience to make going to your blog more enjoyable. You can’t ignore your followers.

10. Have Fun – Really, if you don’t like book blogging you shouldn’t do it. The people who read your blog will see if you’re not having fun and they won’t return. Feel free to branch out with your blog if you’re really enjoying it and try new things. The followers of my blog know that my blog will change slightly every once and a while when I’m trying something new with it, and if it sticks it stays, if it doesn’t it goes.

I guess I still have a lot to learn, but this is what has kept me going. No idea if it will help you, but I hoe it does.

Shanking love your way!


  1. I don't really know if I agree with 3 and 6, but I can see where you are coming from. As for the rest, absolutely agree!

    Patricia // My Post

  2. I totally agree with tip #10- it was also on my list. I think you should have fun working on it. I don't do too much other writing outside of my blog and library work, but I suppose there are a number of book bloggers who are also writers!

    Great list :)

  3. Definitely agree with #8. Too many blogs I see are cluttered, plain, or just unattractive. If you don't take the time to give your blog a little style, why should I stick around? Yours is definitely simple and pretty :)

    I'm new to this book blogging thing, so thanks for the other tips!

  4. Totally agree with #8 - I love, love, love simple, clean blog designs (like yours!). It's much easier on the eyes and much more user-friendly since the visitor doesn't have to deal with a bazillion stuff on the sidebar. Great tips!

    My Top Ten Tips @ YA Books

  5. Your tips are great! #8 is very important to me. I like blogs that are pretty (like yours), and I'm much more likely to visit again if it is pretty.
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  6. Make friends are Goodreads are the best tips I think. And I love simple, clean blog designs.

  7. Especially yes to 5, 7 and 8. Your blog is the best example for 8, btw. Love the looks of it.

  8. Fabulous tips! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  9. I love these tips. Make friends, network, Goodreads, and love your blog/readers. Honestly, I love wasting my time on Goodreads every now and then.

    My Top Ten. Don't forget to check out my giveaway!

  10. Giving back to readers is one I have to think about. Now that I have followers that I don't know in real life there should be some reader appriciation. Thanks for the tips! I see a lot of giveaways and think the people are just throwing them for more followers, but now I have the hope that most of them are to celebrate loyal readers.


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