13 December 2011

A Christmas Carol Read Along

Ladies and Gentleman, readers of all ages, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the incomparable Charles Dickens. That's right, the Mr. Dickens. Whether or not you've dabbled in a bit of his work before, you no doubt know his name. He is both famous and infamous, and he invokes pleasure, and some pesky memories, to readers everywhere.

Well it just so happens that our dear friend Mr. Dickens has a special tie to the time of the year. He's the author who penned A Christmas Carol which you've now doubt seen theatrical or film adaptions of. How many classics can you count that cover this wondrous, holiday season?

This is why I've chosen to hold a read along from now until Christmas to tackle Mr. Dickens' work. That's right, hop on board my blog and we'll read the novel that has inspired humbugs and scrooges to change their ways.

My copy, a Bantam Classic, has less than 100 pages of story, so don't feel terribly afraid of Mr. Dickens. In fact, if you've never read him before and want to dip your toe in "Dickens Water" so to speak, then this might be the time to do it.

Check out the book here on Goodreads!

Want to join in? Well of course you do! Simply leave a comment below saying you want to participate, perhaps a link to your blog if you own one, and start reading. We'll have a wrap-up the day after Christmas. (Give or take a day or so. Festivities might get the better of me!)

Please join in! Comments or questions? Let me hear them!


  1. Becca, I'd love to do the Read-along with you :)

    Hopefully, this time I'll actually have the time to read.

    My blog is: www.ramblingsofadevotedbookworm.blogspot.com


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