20 March 2011

New York City - The Rich Folk, Poor Folk Tour

Hey everyone! Long time not talk, eh? I feel so guilty for not being on or around, but school has been a whore. Now I am approaching the end of spring break and I've realized it's about time to show my face, so here I am.

While spring break has been somewhat relaxing, and very enjoyable, I did take a wonderful trip down to New York City on Tuesday, on a 'Rich Folk, Poor Folk' tour with my professor in English. Completely planned by him, the genius that he is, we were able to stop at a few awesome spots along the way.

Stop #1 - Grand Central Terminal

Okay, so this wasn't an official stop on the tour, but it had been my first time to Grand Central. Gorgeous?! Yes, yes it was. Imagine walking out into the main rotunda and the sky opening up above you. Pretty wicked.

Apparently, the constellations on the ceiling are backwards, because they planned it looking down upon the constellations, and didn't think to switch them around when they transferred them up-top.

Stop #2 - The Morgan Library & Museum

This was my favorite stop on the tour. Morgan, the famous rich fellow, collected all sorts of goodies. Visitors got to admire Gutenburg Bibles, the original compositions of Mozart, complete with hand written margin notes, and even Washington's death mask.

I know the tour was supposed to teach us what it was like to be poor while the rich were living high and large, but you have got to appreciate the amount of culture in this small space. It was gorgeous, full of knowledge and the rarest of pieces. I got shivers looking into the glass cases, seeing all the books. Really nice! (And I got me some post-cards and a coffee mug, what's better than that?)

Stop #3 - Tenement Museum

This was a lovely treat. Right around China town is this random museum.It's probably something I'd never have found in the city if I hadn't been looking for it. There are several different tours, but we took the one that brings you right into the old tenement itself. I was impressed, the staff was knowledgeable, and the only thing that could have made their establishment any better was if they were to lower their outrageous gift shop prices.

Mmm, I <3 NY... really a neat place. Sure, it has its issues, but what corner of the world doesn't? You have to appreciate it for its culture, people, and numerous Starbucks cafes, :D

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