18 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: September 18

Hello, everyone!

Alright, first and foremost, say hello to Mr. Darcy! Not the Jane Austen character, my new laptop. I just picked him up today, sort of on a whim but I got an amazing deal on it so I am beyond proud of myself. Plus I've been in the market for one for classes, so now I can flop down in the library in my own comfy corner and work on some papers without having to struggled with ya know... other people...

So have you missed me?! I'll pretend you said yes. I know I've been a bit absent lately, but that's going to change now. Classes are now in full swing, so I'm starting to settle down with a new schedule and, of course, my new job. Yesterday I completed the first part of my training to be a peer tutor, which meant I was stuck in a room for six hours while some one talked on and on and on... but I'm glad to have the job! I'll be tutoring all sorts of students at my college and I can't wait to spread the knowledge.

As far as my blog is concerned, reviews coming shortly! (I'm having serious issues with the book I'm reading now. I just can't get into it but I feel bad if I don't finish it. Anybody have any suggestions for me?)

If you haven't seen it by now there's a lovely button to my right for my first ever Giveaway! It's ending Tuesday the 20th of September, and I am SO excited about it.

As for you, my followers! I just wanted to give a shout out to not only my new followers but my old ones as well. In the last few weeks I've been gaining lots of new faces on my followers list and I haven't always had the chance to thank you, so Thank you! You know that if you ever need anything, just look me up and I'll do the best I can. Also, if you want to see anything, have any questions about my blog, or suggestions, PLEASE tell me! Blogging is for the people, I keep myself happy %75 of the time, and you happy %25 of the time. If I wanted to be happy all the time, I'd keep a diary, I wouldn't be blogging!

Things that might affect the blog include classes and personal life. Classes are sort of not in the way, things are calm now, so I wouldn't worry about them. Personally, I've been having all sorts of health issues. Right now I'm battling allergies, ew! Nothing too major, but enough to make me want to crawl up on the couch some days and forget about papers, tests, and presentations.

As always, i really look forward to your feedback! (Not to mention for help on what to do with that book I'm in the middle of...) So have at me, and my blog. Just not Mr. Darcy.

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