22 April 2012

Read-A-Thon April 2012 - It's Over

That was crazy.

I really cant believe I survived.

Well, it's over. It was, at least, officially at 8am. I was asleep by then, whining about my eyes hurting, about the coffee making me sick, and about the need to finish packing.

Looking back, at first I wasn't proud of what I'd done. I knew a lot of other readers had read a lot more than I did yesterday. I looked down at the book I'd finished and the book I'd started and I wasn't that impressed. Even on days when I wasn't reading my eyes out I could put away more pages than that. But then I realized I was moving, and I was trying to keep everybody in the house happy, and I was trying to just be in several different places at once.

Then I was super happy of what I'd read and I can't wait for October to come where I won't be moving. Things I want to remember for then are... (1) Take breaks to indulge, instead of plowing through a book all day then night comes and I just want to be lazy and surf Goodreads when that was supposed to be my reading hour of win, (2) be a hell of a lot better prepared and make sure the rest of the house understands what I'm up to, and (3) don't start off with a book that was getting on my nerves.

I read over 500 pages, completed Twilight and started Catching Fire. I am most happy about having pushed through a reader's block and got the job done, yay!

Thanks to all of my supporters! I am off to do some more reading.

ALSO! Do to he awesome of my moving I am hosting a giveaway for May for my followers only. It will be international. Details to come once I'm all in the new house!

Thanks all!

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