21 April 2012

Read-A-Thon April 2012 - Update Two

Hey all! I know this is super late, but this is exactly why I mentioned that times wouldn't be so accurate when it came to these updates. I didn't want to return to my blog unless I had some good news, which I do, so I'm ready to deliver.

First of all I finished Twilight, and on the suggestion of TG in one of my lovely cheerying comments I've decided to dive right into Catching Fire, and I'm so glad for the suggestion! I feel like I'm spoiling myself by reading this book. I've sort of put it off because I was afraid to read it due to it possibly being awesome. Sort of like hoarding a giant chocolate bar because you don't want to eat it and then not have it. Got it? Good.

I almost made myself sick in the car today reading, but that's love, isn't it?

I will not give my opinion on Twilight  yet. All of my reviews shall come later, so await them patiently, my dears.

So! I am well aware that the read-a-thon will end at 8am for me tomarrow. However, did I mention my insomnia already? I think I'm going to try to stay up a little longer than usual to keep my nose in a book for a while. This migt develop into a habit, but all the more fun if you ask me. At least then I might have the energy and the peace and quiet to read.

Pages Read : 435

Books Read : 1

Nom Rewards : 2 Cups of Coffee

Random Thoughts : I would give anything for books to put on my bare shelves. I had to give up so many when I moved... :(

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